Avoiding Counterfeits

KHONGBOON has successfully built its premium brands of Swimwear and Activewear based on quality and innovation in the last years. Unfortunately, that success attracts a growing number of counterfeiters who offer their fake KHONGBOON merchandise using websites, internet auctions, and retail stores. We continue to work hard to stop these activities.

However, our most effective weapon is to arm you with information that will help you avoid being the victim of a scam.

Here are some helpful guidelines to avoid being a victim of a counterfeit scam:

Purchase KHONGBOON products from only authorized KHONGBOON retailers and through our online store (Khongboonswimwear.com), which we offer shipping and purchases through worldwide).

Please be wary of any retailer, particularly an internet retailer that offers what claimed to be a new KHONGBOON product (design, print, style) at a retail price that is exceptionally outside of the normal range of retail prices for that product.

When in doubt, if possible, please be sure to physically inspect the offered product and compare it to a genuine KHONGBOON product.
There are typically significant or subtle differences in shape, color, prints, markings, and finish.
There are always differences in the quality of manufacturing and performance.

We understand it can be challenging to check for differences by directly comparing photographs or with the counterfeit swimwear/activewear and no right KHONGBOON product in-front of you. Counterfeiters also use the trick of displaying a photo(s) of a genuine KHONGBOON product on their web site (stealing our photos that we’ve paid our photographers and teams worldwide to create for us), but ship customers something entirely different.

IF ANY DOUBT, please do contact us at the below email address, and we will immediately advise you of the authenticity of the product.


Any recommendation or tip we receive that results in a NEW counterfeited dealer (selling online or through retail stores) being discovered and reported will also receive a KHONGBOON Gift Card valued at USD 100 to shop with through our online store.

We hope you find these Guidelines helpful, and that you consider them when shopping for KHONGBOON products.
Please contact KHONGBOON if you have any questions concerning the authenticity of the product you have purchased. If you bought what you later determine to be a counterfeit KHONGBOON product, your options include reporting the seller to the appropriate authorities. KHONGBOON would also appreciate your reporting the seller to us so we can further investigate and take action against the counterfeiters accordingly.

Many thanks for your continued support.