The timeline of delivery will vary depending on but are not limited to:
1) Your location in the world.
2) The order number you will receive with the FREE CHECKOUT. Please note it ranges from 1 - 100,000. (First to come – First serve order basis.)
3) The current COVID-19 Pandemic globally with limited logistics options available worldwide.
Please understand, this is out of our control and will vary.
We expect the first 25,000-30,000 free swimwear orders to arrive no longer than 4-5 weeks after your order confirmation to your doorstep, at any location in the world. We then dispatch daily, until all 100,000 orders are completed.
We are doing our best to get OUT ALL 100,000 FREE ORDERS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP WORLDWIDE within six (6) weeks AT MAX from your order date. The timeframe is to be interpreted as an estimated timeframe based on several factors such as the current COVID-19 Pandemic, currently limited open logistics channels worldwide, and the time it takes KHONGBOON to handle all orders.
In most cases, it will only take a total of around four 4-5 weeks for delivery to your doorstep from order date.
Again, please note, the timeframe is to be interpreted as an estimated timeframe. Please note that KHONGBOON will not be held responsible for any delay in shipment caused by, but are not limited to weather conditions, any international issues or any other circumstances beyond the control of KHONGBOON. Reasons for shipping delays might also be, but are not limited to any circumstances arising beyond the control of the company such as delays with the postal services, delays or restrictions on our staff from a governing agency or any changes to current COVID-19 Pandemic.
If you're unhappy with the estimated timeframe for shipping & handling of your free swimwear, please let us know before you PLACE THE ORDER, we can then offer the code to participants in queue, wanting to get their free swimwear & are willing to wait accordingly to the suggested timeframe.
Thank you for your kind understanding.
We will communicate and send status updates to your email address regularly. Once the order is dispatched, you will receive your tracking number & can follow your order shipment through our TRACKING PORTAL until it reaches your doorstep.
Only a low cost of shipping & handling applies for worldwide delivery to your desired address and doorstep – the rest is on us. No hidden costs or any other fees.
Depending on the demand of certain styles/prints, we will also help manufacture the desired selection exclusively for you, making sure you get the free items selected and are of your preferred choice.
Please be assured that we're doing all we can and working 24/7 to make sure you get your free swimwear as soon as possible.
However, we kindly request you to have patience, as we dispatch by order number to make it fair for everyone participating.
Again, if you cannot wait for the suggested handling + delivery timeframe, please do not place the order so others have the chance to get theirs for free instead.
Please note that we do NOT offer any SHIPPING COST refunds after orders have been placed and processed.
Please make sure that you enter the code in the DISCOUNT FIELD AT CHECKOUT. Otherwise, the discount will not be applied. You will see the price as zero (0) at checkout after adding your discount code.
If any issues, please email us and we'll assist you before placing the order, to make sure you get the swimwear for free.
If you need sizing help, CONTACT US BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER to avoid any delays.
By the nature of this giveaway, NO RETURNS/REFUNDS or EXCHANGES are allowed. Please email us for any questions BEFORE placing your free swimwear order.
By ordering the free bikini/swimsuit, using the code for free checkout – you are accepting our Terms & Conditions.